The house

S'Herència - Deco - Upleft

Many years ago

S’Herència was our grandparents’ home, and their grandparents’ as well, going back seven generations, all the way to the 18th century. Our ancestors were mostly peasants, and as was traditional in this area, wine-makers. As happened with many Majorcan families, our grandparents saw how their kin took off for the big city to build their lives away from the island. Off they went to the Spanish mainland and even beyond, to the United States of America. Years after, the house eventually became vacant, with only our short sporadic summer visits. It inevitably deteriorated.

What if...

Having spent each and every single summer vacation in Mallorca, we knew our relationship with the island and Porreres would not simply end. One day, we got news that the roof of the deteriorating house was caving in. Something needed to be done. So immediately, a thought crept up to our minds: “What if?”.

“What if we turn our grandparents beautiful house, this beautiful heritage – s’Herència means heritage – into a guest house?”

A few thousand “What ifs” later, and here we are.
And we hope you will soon be here too!

Welcome to s’Herència.

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