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At s’Herència we believe that sustainability should be at the core of any hotel’s mission. That’s why we are committed to lowering our footprint and having a positive impact in the local community. Global challenges require local actions, and although we are small, we firmly believe that every effort counts. What’s best – you can help us achieve this goal.

What do we do for sustainability?


Comfort comes first. But because we are aware that cleaning sheets and towels can use quite a lot of water, we will leave it to you to decide when you need a new clean set of sheets and/or towels.

We also chose not to have bathtubs to avoid excessive water consumption. An average shower generally consumes smaller water volumes. However, please be wary of your water usage. In Spain, a resident uses on average 127 litres of water per day, while the average tourist uses anything between 450 and 800 litres per day.

Water efficient faucets are also installed in every bathroom.

We use only water-efficient washing machines/dishwashers.

Dual-flush toilets are installed in all rooms.

We use sensible gardening techniques and have planted mostly species that are either native or adapted to Mallorca’s climate.

Materials: Preserving, Reusing and Recycling

We decided to renovate our family’s home, which had been empty for several years, in a way that respected its heritage (s’Herència means heritage in Catalan).

The architectural and decorative choices respect Mallorca’s style book. Some of the materials used in the renovation, most of the furniture and several other knick-knacks have been restored to be reused. One beautiful example: much of the sandstone - called “marès” in Mallorca - has been repurposed and reused. You can contemplate it in our ceilings, walls, columns, and door frames while you sit in a repurposed century-old rocking chair.

Materials: helping the local economy thrive

We have worked with local providers and contractors for practically all construction materials, supporting the local economy - or in other words, contributing to the livelihoods of our fellow neighbors.


All new timber used in the renovation of s’Herència is labelled FSC.

What is FSC? The Forest Stewardship Council is an international non-profit, multi-stakeholder organization that established a sustainability standard and a certification scheme for forest products. FSC was created in 1993 after NGOs like WWF opted to work together with some industry champions after the failure of governments to agree on how to stop deforestation at the 1992 Rio de Janeiro United Nations Earth Summit. Currently, FSC has certified almost 200 million hectares of forests.


A couple solar water heaters heat (most of) the water in our facilities. We hardly have any clouds or rain here, this was just common sense!

For the fossil energy that we (unfortunately) must use - there is not enough renewable energy in Spain to serve everyone - we have found a few ways to minimize consumption.

Our heating is made up of a network of radiant floors, even though this was a more costly initial investment. Radiant floor heating is made up of underfloor tubes through which hot water is circulated. It is more efficient than other systems because heat is uniformly distributed over the entire surface of a floor, heating the lower half of the room, enveloping inhabitants in warmth at a lower overall temperature. Because it does not create air currents of hot and cold air like traditional radiators, it is also a great anti-allergen measure!

Energy efficient LED light bulbs are installed on our premises.

Energy-efficient motion sensors and timers are installed on interior and exterior lighting equipment.


Here too, comfort comes first - but, be aware that we do NOT provide disposable amenities. Think of bringing your own soaps and shampoos, best if they are eco-friendly. We don’t want that plastic to end up on the beaches you are coming to visit. Did you know the EU has recently passed a bill to ban single-use plastics?

Please let us help you recycle your waste. The village of Porreres enforces a strict recycling system for organic waste, paper and cardboard, glass, and industrial containers. Let’s avoid sending all our waste to the incinerators.

Need to go shopping? Ask us for a cloth bag.

Active tourism

We promote active tourism, the kind that keeps you strong and healthy! Get a closer look at Porreres and its surroundings by going on a hike or taking a bike ride. Ask at reception for some tips and directions.

How can you contribute at our hotel?


Switch off lights when you leave your room.

AC power

Turn the AC off when you go out for a longer period. Later, after you turn it back on the room will be comfortable within 5-10 minutes.

Sheets and towels

Tell us when you want to have clean sheets and towels.

Do not waste

Thanks for keeping your showers short and not wasting water.

Some tips while you explore the island

Food waste

Buy only what you can finish. Otherwise, ask for a doggie bag and finish it after (we have a microwave on premises).

Odd veggies

Favor locally seasonal food.


It can be delicious, but the type and quantity of meat that we eat is driving some of the most dramatic impacts on our planet - the major cause of deforestation worldwide. Be adventurous, go for the veggie option!


Take care of your waste, especially at the beach. Use the designated containers for recycling.

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